If you insist on getting a Christmas tree in a house with a cat, be careful. Cats can eat tinsel and get sick or eat the pine needles and get sick. Then they can chew on electric cords or just knock over your entire Christmas tree while trying to climb it.

Still there are several steps you can take to make cats and Christmas trees get along. First, consider leaving an undecorated Christmas tree around your cat to see if your cat gets near it. If so, keep it away so it learns that a Christmas tree is not a playground.

Second, keep the area around the Christmas tree free of climbing spaces such as book cases or shelves. This will keep the cat from launching itself off these places to get near the Christmas tree.

It’s possible to have a Christmas tree and a cat without any problems, but if you have a cat, you know it’s almost never possible to have a cat without some kind of problem. After all, that’s what cats do best, create problems for other people.

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