Not all crazy cat people are ladies. Sometimes crazy cat people can be men, and sometimes crazy cat people can be the bassist for a band such as Black Sabbath.

That’s the case with Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath’s bassist, who has made it his mission to fight against the declawing of cats as inhumane.

“New York is one of Black Sabbath’s favorite states to perform in because New Yorkers are smart, open-minded, and compassionate,” the bassist wrote. “I am particularly delighted to be coming back to the Empire State after learning from my friends at the Humane Society of the United States that there is a bill before lawmakers that, if passed, would ban the practice of declawing cats.

“Many know me as one of the founding members of Black Sabbath, but fewer likely know that I am what you might call a ‘crazy cat person,'” he continued. “My wife and I have rescued many cats and we have never dreamed of putting them through an elective, convenience surgery such as declawing.”

Now that you see how someone other than crazy cat ladies want to protect cats, you can realize that cats, like all creatures, deserve our protection too. To read more about Geezer Butler and his stand against declawing, click here.

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