Eevee the cat is unlike most cats. While most cats dislike going outside on a leash, Eevee not only tolerates walking around with a leash, but also enjoys camping and hiking as well.

“Eevee and her three siblings were born in the closet of a mechanic’s shop where my car was being worked on by a friend of mine,” says Emily, her eventual adopter. “He didn’t know what to do with the kittens, so at about 5 weeks old I took them home.”

Emily originally didn’t want to keep any of the cats, but decided on keeping Eevee when Eevee decided to go hiking with Emily. Since then, Eevee has been a constant companion to Emily any time she decides to explore the great outdoors.

Now Emily has documented Eevee’s adventures on Instagram for all to enjoy. While your cat might not like stroking around the outdoors, you can always enjoy pictures of Eevee doing that with Emily.

To see more pictures of Eevee, click here.

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