If you’ve owned a cat, you know how cute and fluffy they can be. You probably also know how aggravating and annoying they can be as well, which can often provoke angry outbursts from their human owners, otherwise known as the cat servants.

While people often attributed angry outbursts from humans as a response to the annoying behavior of a cat, the truth may be more scientific.

The common toxoplasma gondii parasite is typically found in uncooked meat and cat faeces and is carried by approximately 30% of all humans. Research suggests the infection, which often has no symptoms, could change the chemistry in the brain to make carriers more aggressive.

So the next time you get angry at your cat, it might not just be your cat’s behavior that’s triggering an emotional outburst. You could be infected with a parasite and your cat is subtly altering your behavior as part of its master plan to enslave the humans and take over the world.

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