If you’ve been around cats long enough, you know that most cats have similar personalities. Basically cats want to dominate your life and boss you around. Beyond that, some cats are sweet and affectionate while others are downright grumpy.

For those who thought cats don’t have personalities, UniSA Discovery Circle research leader Dr Philip Roetman has scientific evidence based on tests that were part of the Cat Tracker project, which has been studying the behaviour and movement of cats.

“People are fascinated by cats, they have really intriguing personalities,” he said. “From a research perspective, it’s really interesting to understand and look at the personalities of different animals, especially when we are talking about management.”

Statistical analysis revealed what researchers have called the “Feline Five” factors of cat personality: 1. Skittishness, 2. Outgoingness, 3. Dominance, 4. Spontaneity, and Friendliness.

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