Everyone knows that cat and dog owners aren’t alike. Where dogs are loyal, cats are selfish. Where dogs beg for attention, cats demand it. if you’re looking for an animal to make you feel inferior and completely useless, then you’ll want to a cat to boss you around every day.

To help determine the differences between cat and dog owners, Facebook studied their own users and found that cat owners are more likely to be single, have fewer friends than dog owners, and are more fond of indoor activities, such as reading, watching television and movies, giving them more time to spend with their feline friends.

If you match any of those traits, you could be a cat owner or someone who might enjoy being bossed around by a cat. Perhaps the biggest different between dog and cat owners is that cat owners are bossed around by their pets while dog owners like being the boss. That means cat owners will get along with dog owners just as long as both sides understand their place.

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