The fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a stocky, spotted creature about twice the size of a typical house cat. While its considered an endangered animal, it can still be found in parts of Southeast Asia. On the Indonesian island of Java, the world’s only known subspecies is called the Javan fishing cat.

Unfortunately, conservation biologist Anthony Giordano is trying to determine if any Java fishing cats are left since no one’s seen one in over two decades. Hopefully the Java fishing cat is still alive and well, and possibly playing with a ball of yarn somewhere in the forests of Java.

Perhaps if fishing cats become more numerous, they can be turned into house pets like ordinary cats. IF more people could breed Java fishing cats, it might be a way to save the species and provide human owners with another source of joy that involves hairballs, litter boxes, and scratched drapes in the living room.

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