Most people with cats expect a few scratches and bites now and then. They also expect to have their furniture shredded and their drapes torn apart. When you come to think of it, most people expect their entire lives to be ripped apart while the cat demands more food more often.

While you may expect to be clawed or scratched once in a while, you rarely think of your cat as spreading a disease to you that could kill you. Yet through biting or scratching, or even licking an open wound on your body, a cat can transmit cat scratch fever to you.

Symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes and headaches, as well as redness and swelling around the site of the scratch or bite. In extreme cases, the disease can lead to swelling of the brain, a potentially fatal complication.

Of course even death can’t keep people away from cute, cuddly cats. To read more about animals that have the potential to kill you, click here.