When Rachel Wells lost one-year-old Snitch in 2003, she spent months handing out posters and leaflets to find Snitch again. Snitch apparently wandered around as a stray for two years before finding a home at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, West Mids.

Snitch lived at the museum for 12 years, working as the museum pest control specialist. Ironically, this museum was only three miles away from Rachel’s home. Eventually, someone noticed that Snitch had a microchip, which allowed authorities to locate Rachel and let her know that Snitch had been found fourteen years later.

Rachel and Snitch have now been reunited, which shows the importance of getting your pet microchipped. Hopefully you won’t have to wait fourteen years to find a lost cat, but without a microchip, you may n ever find a lost cat again.

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