Every year, the world buries nuclear waste. Such nuclear waste dumps are blocked off and protected from the public, but what about the future? Since radioactive nuclear waste remains dangerous for thousands of years, it’s highly unlikely that people of the future will know where nuclear waste dumps might be located.

Putting warning signs around a nuclear waste dump is pointless because chances are good people thousands of years from now won’t be able to read or understand any warning signs. That’s why scientists have proposed using cats instead.

The idea is to make cats glow a certain color when near radioactive wastes. That way when people of the future see a glowing cat, they’ll recognize the danger signal. Of course, there’s the question of how people of the future will understand that glowing cats mean danger, but at least it’s a way to make cats useful beyond hunting mice.

To read more about using cats to detect radioactive wastes, click here.

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