Most people don’t like to drink alone so they often congregate in bars where they can drink with friends and strangers who they hope might become their friends. However for people who love cats, they might prefer to drink with their cats instead. Of course, cats can’t drink alcohol so companies are offering cat wine instead.

With names like Catbernet and Pinot Meow, cat wine is essentially catnip-flavored water that your cat can drink while you drink alcohol. If you want cat wine, you’ll have to choose between rivals such as Apollo Peak — which calls itself “the original cat winery” — and Pet Winery, which Apollo Peak claims copied their idea.

Wherever you buy your cat wind, just enjoy your drinking in the company of your cat. Cats don’t care where you buy their wine just as long as you spend money on the cats to show that you’re completely subservient to your furry feline masters.

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