There are certain trained dogs that can sniff out drugs, explosives, and even people who might be buried underneath rubble after a disaster like an earthquake. However sensitive a dog’s nose might be, a cat in Houston may be their equal.

Michael Opiela, who has Type 1 Diabetes, says it all started a few years ago when he felt like he had low blood sugar and his cat started meowing at him. Since then, the cat seems to know when he’s suffering from low blood sugar.

Michael’s doctor, Dr. Michael Yafi, is convinced the cat can detect hypoglycemia so he’s presenting Patches the cat’s story as a case study at an international conference in Turin, Italy.

The next time your cat meows at you, it could be because the cat is hungry, wants to go out, or just wants to to pay attention to it. Or the cat cold be trying to tell you that you have a medical condition that needs immediate attention.

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