Many people head to the spa to get pampered for an hour or a day, so if spa treatment is good enough for you, why not give that same luxury to your cat as well? If you live in Oklahoma City, you can visit such a cat spa called Aristocats Feline Suites Hotel & Spa.

The Aristocats Feline Suites Hotel & Spa offers up to 42 suites where cats can stay as hotel guests. Each suite is enclosed by walls and has a door, to keep noise to a minimum, and includes a cat tree that feline guests can enjoy, both for play or sleep activities. Suites on one side have windows overlooking a fenced yard, where seed-filled bird feeders attract feathered friends the felines can watch for fun. Occupants of cats suites on the other side of the hall are able to enjoy the same view, as all the suites have glass doors.

If you need to go out of town and live in Oklahoma City, consider spoiling your cat. After all, your cat might as well enjoy itself while you’re gone. By the time you return, your cat might not even want you to come back and might prefer to stay in the spa for the rest of its life.

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