If you have a cat, you know that the cat has given you various looks over the years that range from exasperation to happiness, back to exasperation again when you won’t feed it on time. In case you’re wondering what your cat really thinks, you might want to learn how to decade a cat’s expression.

the University of Lincoln in the UK recently categorized and defined distinctive cat facial expressions and published their results in the journal Behavioural Processes. Their conclusion?

“Facial actions associated with fear included blinking and half-blinking and a left head and gaze bias at lower intensities. Facial actions consistently associated with frustration included hissing, nose-licking, dropping of the jaw, the raising of the upper lip, nose wrinkling, lower lip depression, parting of the lips, mouth stretching, vocalisation and showing of the tongue. Relaxed engagement appeared to be associated with a right gaze and head turn bias.”

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