If you have multiple cats, you may notice that they may chase each other around while playing. However, make sure this behavior doesn’t turn into something more violent. Playing is one thing. Attacking and intimidating another cat is another matter altogether.

Many cats may be aggressive to establish dominance, but they don’t draw blood or bite or claw to hurt anyone except by mistake (and cats seem to make lots of mistakes, especially when it comes to drawing your blood). Other times, a cat may truly feel threatened by another cat and attack with pure anger.

In case you’re wondering what might separate a vicious cat from merely a playful one, watch your cat to see if it hisses, bites, or scratches others. If not, then you may just have a bratty cat instead of a mean one. That still means you have to deal with living with a cat, but at least you don’t have to worry about your cat killing you or another pet in your household.

To learn more about the differences between a bratty cat and a vicious cat, click here.

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