Many people like cats. That’s why the world can’t get enough of cats on the Internet. That’s also why Mel Hynes and J. Grant created a comic strip called Two Lumps. Naturally the two lumps refer to two cats named Eben and Snooch.

If you like cat videos and cat comic strips, you’ll probably like another cat comic strip too. The creators of Two Lumps wanted to create a fresh, new comic strip so seeing how newspapers are mostly filled with “classic” comic strips like Peanuts and Blondie, they decided to create their own comic strip and post it on the Internet for everyone to enjoy.

So visit the Two Lumps website and enjoy the antics of Eben and Snooch. By reading these comic strips, you might recognize the behavior of your own cats once in a while.

To learn more about the Two Lumps comic strip, click here.

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