How can you solve two problems in one step? Easy? Use a cat. In many offices, workers are stressed out. Yet it’s a known fact that the presence of a cat can soothe frayed nerves and reduce stress. So it only makes sense for offices to adopt an office cat.

Animal shelters have another problem with too many cats. To help socialize cats and make them ready for adoption, the Cedar Bend Humane Society is offering a new “Office Cat” program where they’ll let an office care for a cat until someone decides to adopt it.

This gets cats out of the animal shelters, lets cats mingle with in another environment so they don’t stagnate in a cage, and gives office workers a furry companion to care for and take their mind off work. Who knew a cat could help solve so many problems at once without creating any of its own?

To read about this rent an office cat program, click here.