For years, people could visit Chicago’s used book store called Selected Works. Owner Keith Peterson moved Selected Works to the Fine Arts Building in 2008 and about that time, Keith adopted Hodge from a city animal shelter when he was 10 weeks old. Since that time, Hodge has been a fixture in Selected Works.

Over the years, Hodge proved so popular that he even has two books of fiction inspired by his larger-than-life personality, “The Secret Life of Hodge, the Bookstore Cat” and “Hodge Sings Again.”

Sadly, Selected Works, like many used bookstores, is going out of business so Hodge will be out of a job as the used bookstore cat. As more bookstores go out of business, Hodge may have to content himself with staying at home like an ordinary cat. Hopefully Hodge’s home will also be filled with enough books to keep him happy and well-read.

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