Two years ago, Gretchen Byrne of the Coral Springs Police Department, was patrolling on the midnight shift when she spotted a hungry and pregnant female cat in a shopping center parking lot. Byrne took the cat to the police station and then to her house. Then she posted a picture of the stray on Instagram. 

“People started contacting me about stray cats they’d found,” says Byrne, 42, “and I started noticing a lot of stray cats when I’d patrol the alleys behind businesses. I’d leave out food for them and then take those that I could with me and put them up for adoption via Instagram.”

Byrne has now found homes for over 65 cats and has 20,000 followers on Instagram. Now only is Byrne helping keep the streets safe for people, but she’s also keeping the streets safe for cats as well.

To read more about the cat cop of Florida, click here.

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