Cat cafes have spread in popularity from Asia to Europe and now they’re conquering North America. The basic idea is that you can enjoy a beverage and a snack while playing with cats in a separate room.

Now Milwaukee will get its first cat cafe but with a twist. Katy McHugh is opening a cat cafe called Sip & Purr. Unlike most cat cafes, Sip & Purr will let you enjoy a glass of wine with its cats.  Katy got the idea for Sip & Purr while visiting a cat cafe in Amsterdam.

“We stopped at this cafe and my kids had ice cream and I had wine while my husband had a beer,” Katy said. “And this tabby cat that hung out in the cafe came and jumped on my lap. I was sipping on my wine and petting her and she was just purring away.”

If you want to visit a unique cat cafe that lets you drink wine, visit Sip & Purr the next time you’re in Milwaukee.

To read more about Milwaukee’s first cat cafe, click here.

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