Omena, Michigan is a small town that consists of 280 people. When the town recently held an election for a new mayor, and all of the entrants were animals. Candidates included two cats, a peacock, a chicken, 13 dogs and one goat.

After the election (which was reportedly free of meddling by Russian officials), the winner turned out to be Sweet Tart, a 9-year-old feline, who scooped up the most votes and is now mayor.

Sweet Tart will hold the role of mayor until 2021. She will be aided by First Vice Mayor Diablo Shapiro the Dog, Second Vice Mayor Punkin Anderson-Harden the Dog, Press Secretary Harley Jones the Goat, and Special Assistant for Fowl Issues Penny Labriola the Chicken.

To read more about the cat that became a mayor, click here.

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