When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last September, it destroyed thousands of homes and damaged Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory. As residents fled and observatory personnel hunkered down, they discovered that many cats, abandoned by their owners, also took shelter around the Arecibo Observatory.

Now the observatory has cats, lots of them, that are continuing to breed. Staff members have set up a fundraising campaign via GoFundMe to help get the cats spayed and neutered. The campaign has been successful so far, with $1,470 of the $1,600 goal raised so far.

So if you would like to help homeless cats and science at the same time, help save the cats of Arecibo Observatory. After all, why look into the stars for signs of intelligent life when there’s intelligent life curled up in your lap in the form of a cat?

To read more about the cats thriving around Puerto Rico’s observatory, click here.

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