53-year-old former radio deejay-turned-cat advocate, Jessica Seet, ran a Cat Museum in Singapore. Unfortunately, that cat museum got shut down by authorities who claimed that the cat museum was illegally using living space as a cat sanctuary.

Fortunately Jessica’s cat museum is back and  officially registered as Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (KiSS), a non-governmental organization. The new cat sanctuary will be divided into a “kitten nursery,” where care will be provided to newly born orphaned kittens, and a “kitten kindergarten,” where visitors thinking of adopting a cat can interact with the cats or learn more about all things cat-related through programs that will be hosted there.

If you happen to live in Singapore or plan to travel there soon, be sure to drop by and support the Kitten Sanctuary.

To learn more about the new Kitten Sanctuary in Singapore, click here.