Most people think of Vietnam from history, but Vietnam has come a long way since then, changing into a modern country. To show the world has far Vietnam has come, Hanoi recently sponsored the nation’s first cat show.

Event organizer Nguyen Xuan Son said the aim was to make people see that cats are worthy of love. “We also want to form a national playground for pet owners to practice and gain experience before competing in international shows,” Son added. 

“In a country where cats are still served as foods and stray cats being mistreated are popular, the event is a chance to raise awareness among people,” said Nguyen Dieu Hong, one of the attendees. “Cat is not a sign of bad luck as many Vietnamese think and should be filled with love.”

Let’s hope that Vietnam continues sponsoring cat shows to let everyone know how lovable cats can be and how well Vietnam can do as a nation in today’s world.

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