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Moshow the Cat Rapper

  Moshow is a rapper who happens to sing about cats. Moscow recently released a video to go along with his signature holiday, “Beautiful Cat Lady Wednesdays.” On Beautiful Cat Lady Wednesdays, Moshow shares pictures of women with their cats. While many people think of rappers singing about guns, violence, and crime, the fact is that […]

Cats Sing Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Song

If you like Taylor Swift, you might like her even more once you realize that she loves cats too. One of Taylor Swift’s latest hit songs is called “Blank Space.” If you like this song, you might like it even better when cats sing it. The above video shows what happens when someone with too […]

Kitty Purry Parody of Katy Perry’s “Roar” Song

Katy Perry actually has a cat named Kitty Purry. Back in 2013, she had a hit song called “Roar” which was about empowerment and self-confidence. While “Roar” became a smash hit around the world, someone decided to make a parody of her official “Roar” music video by creating a Kitty Purry version. While “Roar” focuses […]

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