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Skateboarding Cat

Most cats like to run and pounce on objects and a few even like riding on robot vacuum cleaners like the Roomba, but a cat in Ohio has them all beat. Daryl the cat likes to ride on a skateboard through the hallways of his home. Apparently Daryl found a skateboard in the hallway one day […]

Do-It-Yourself Cat Shelters

If you have outdoor cats or simply wish to help a feral cat in your neighborhood, you might be interested in making your own cat shelter. Such shelters can give outdoor cats a chance to get out of the wind, rain, snow, or cold and find temporary comfort in a tiny home. Beset of all, […]

Cat Protects Dollar Bill

The quickest way to become poor is to spend more money than you have. That’s why athletes, actors, musicians, and other celebrities can earn millions of dollars a year and still wind up dead broke within a few months. If you do nothing in life but spend less than you earn, you’ll always have money. […]

Cat vs. Drone

Cats like swiping at anything that moves. That includes laser beams, hands, and drapes. However, nothing’s more entertaining and challenging to a cat than trying to swat a flying object out of the air. While cats can’t always attack birds, especially if they’re indoor cats, cats can stalk and attack drones inside any home. If […]

Sledding with a Cat

When winter comes, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the cold weather by participating in various winter sports. One simple and common winter sport is sledding. While most people prefer to sled down a hill by themselves, photographer Jesse Smith goes sledding with his cat. Weston the cat seems to enjoy being outdoors with Jesse and […]

Cat and Dog Interrupt Soccer Game

In Mexico, the  Pachuca vs. Jaguares Liga MX match brought two unexpected visitors. First, a dog ran across the field to interrupt the game. After the officials shooed the dog off the field, play resumed. Not to be outdone, a cat soon ran across the field as well, as if to show the dog that it […]

The Power Rangers Cat Parody Video

For many kids, the Power Rangers were an interesting show of a band of teenagers in fictional Angel Grove, California who can transform into a uniformed team of superheroes ready to take on any villains. While the Power Rangers may have seemed silly to adults, they captivated many children. Now there’s a cat version parody of the […]

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