One day, Roman Stocker, an MIT engineering professor, watched his cat, Cutta Cutta, lap milk from a bowl. That’s when he wondered how milk traveled from the bowl to Cutta Cutta’s mouth.

While dogs lap up water by using their tongues like a ladle, cats apply an instinctive understanding of fluid mechanics to take the biggest sips.

“Cats know just when to close their jaw to get the most water,” said Pedro Reis, a fluid mechanics expert at MIT who collaborated with Stocker. In fact, he said it’s as if “they’re doing the equations in their heads.”

The next time you see your cat drinking water, just realize that your cat probably knows more about fluid mechanics than you do, which gives your cat the right to boss you around. Now that science has proven that your cat knows more than you, there’s nothing you can do but submit to the will of your cat.

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