The 2014 Comic-Con just ended, but you might want to know that the people running Comic-Con haven’t been doing it by themselves. Several years ago, the Federal Express delivery person showed up to deliver some packages to the Comic-Con offices and a black cat followed. After looking around the office, the black cat left, but soon came back and eventually became a fixture in the Comic-Con offices.

Comic-Con officials even gave the black cat a name, Mooch, and soon issued Mooch official Comic-Con badges to get in any time he wanted for free (although Mooch never took them up on this offer). Mooch still hangs around the Comic-Con offices and steals people’s chairs. So the next time you visit Comic-Con in San Diego, you can marvel at its well-run organizational skills because Mooch is back at the offices keeping everything under control.

To read more about Mooch the Comic-Con cat, click here.

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