Nothing brings people together faster than sharing their love of cats. While nations like Japan seem universally in love with cats, people all over the world also like cats. That’s why Ceyda Torun, the Istanbul-born director of a new documentary film “Kedi,”  tells the stories of seven of the city’s many street cats and the people who love them.

Although not as well-known as the Japanese craze for cats, Istanbul has long harbored a fascination for felines. Archaeologists even discovered a 3,500-year-old cat skeleton uncovered during construction of the Marmaray underwater rail system.

“It was dug up right on the coast of the Bosphorus Strait and has a healed bone on its leg,” Torun says. “The zoologist’s professional opinion was that the bone could only have healed in the way that it did if it was wrapped up by a human.”

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