Matroskin the cat first gained notoriety when he snuck into an airport and ate $1,000 worth of seafood from a fish shop at the Vladivostok International Airport. Matroskin was soon adopted by the St. Petersburg Communist Party.

Sergey Malinkovich, the head of St Petersburg Communists, said: ‘This cat is a Robin Hood or a Che Gevara. She sneaked into a glamorous Rybnyi Ostrovok shop and ate everything there, because only the bourgeois and foreigners can buy food there.

‘But the cat is from our working family. The red whiskered, four-legged, Bolshevik decided to strike and sabotage the plans of these bourgeois.’

Matroskin must have tired of politics because then he next wound up as the mascot for the local hockey team – Admiral Vladivostok of the KHL. When Matroskin passed away, the hockey team decided to erect a statue of him outside their arena.

If you think there’s no opportunity to achieve greatness in other countries, Matroskin has proven that it’s possible for even a humble cat to rise to a position of power through hard work, dedication, and a love for fish.

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