When most people think of Toronto, they may think of Canada’s largest financial district but they probably don’t realize that Toronto is the home of the Hairless Sphinx Cat, a rare breed of cat that looks like an alien from another planet.

Back in the 1960s, a hairless kitten appeared in a litter of ordinary kittens. Riyadh Bawa, a University of Toronto student at the time, identified the hairlessness as a result of a recessive gene. Bawa, in partnership with other breeders, bred Prune with his mother, producing several more hairless kittens.

A brief 1966 article by the Associated Press says Bawa hoped to “develop a hairless line” of cats for allergy sufferers. If you like unusual cats, be sure to adopt a Hairless Sphinx Cat today.

To read more about Toronto being the birthplace of the Hairless Sphinx Cat, click here.

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