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Cat Collar Translates Cat Language

Some cats can be extremely vocal in howling for what they want. Yet all this howling means little if you don’t understand what your cat is trying to tell you. If you saw the movie “Up,” you’ll know that the villain fitted his guard dogs with a collar that allows them to speak. Now someone […]

Learn the Word for Cat in Chinese

In case you’re curious about how people in China say the word cat, you might be interested in the above YouTube video. In Mandarin, cat is pronounced “mao” and the Chinese character looks like a claw, which probably means cats clawed up more than one Chinese person over the years before they finally associated that […]

Learn Spanish From a Cat

Everyone knows that cats are smart enough to manipulate their human masters. However, you may not know that you can use the cuteness of cats to teach yourself Spanish through an iPhone app. Called Cat Academy, the app’s motto is “Helping humans to be less dumb.” If you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, you can […]

Cat Learns Sign Language

If you think cats can’t learn, you need to see this cat that has learned how to bring its paw to its mouth to inform its owner that it wants food. Of course, cats are easily trained when it involves feeding their selfish desires for their own benefit, but that makes cats no different than […]

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