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Space Cats Cartoon Series

If you think drugs can give you brain damage, you may have missed the 1991 cartoon TV series called “Space Cats.” The Space Cats roam around Earth helping the human race, which right away tells you these are not normal Earth cats. If you watch the YouTube video above, you can see the show’s opening […]

Hello Kitty in Outer Space

To get more kids interested in science and technology, Sanrio, the company responsible for the Hello Kitty cartoon, has launched Hello Kitty on a satellite into outer space. Sanrio’s “Let’s Send a Message from Space” campaign encourages fans to send greetings that will be broadcast around the galaxy. Fans have until August 25 to submit messages of 180 […]

Cat in Zero-Gravity

For some odd reason, NASA thought it would be a good idea to see how cats react to zero-gravity. They apparently took a cat on an airplane that flies up and down to simulate zero-gravity and gently tossed the cat in the air. The cat was unharmed, but in the video, you can see the […]

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